Hi, Uke players!  Some new ukulele developments at the Senior Center: I’ll be running an intermediate uke ensemble class each Thursday from 1:30 until 2:30, Nov 4th thru Jan 27. Read on:

What with Covid still running thru our population, activities that include singing are not on the table.  I love to sing, and miss holding the FUN Jams. Life goes on: this class is an outgrowth of a chord & strum pattern review that i’ve taught thru the summer, mostly outside at Seafarer’s, to a very dedicated ukulele bunch, many who were about to finish the Newkulele Class that began in Nov’19 and would have ended late Mar’20, interrupted by covid closing the senior center.  This bunch is avid to try instrumental uke, playing in parts, like we did in House of the Rising Sun.  We’ll be grouping strum patterns and  melody lines using tablature, closer to being a ukulele ensemble.  This won’t be a class for beginners, chords won’t be taught, practice will be required, as will masks.  The N95 masks are what the present members of this group will wear; we also have a 100% vaccination rate.   I am hoping that safety protocols will be honored: breakthrough cases are possible, plus many of us have contact with kids who aren’t eligible for vaccinations yet. N95 masks are the only type that lessen aerosol contact.  They can keep us much safer than the cute masks that many of us have been wearing.  I want to meet for an hour, but won’t if there aren’t an abundance of proper N95 masks worn appropriately. Right now, the senior center can’t enforce this type of mask to be worn, but I won’t risk my health nor yours!!  None of us are spring chickens, and breakthrough covid cases are to be guarded against.  If you wonder about this being the right class for you, please email me with your phone # and we’ll talk about it!  Linda, zuke.uke@gmail.com