Jam with  FIDALGO UKULELE  NETWORK Aug 22 and every other Thursday, at the Anacortes Senior Activity Center.  For songs, click HERE. Easier 2,3,& 4 chord songs start at 1:10; followed by increasingly challenging stuff. 
For info on Ukadore Sessions,  Click HERE.  Ukadore helps folks embellish their playing with  instruction from those who have techniques to share. Aug 22nd’s session (after FUN Jam):  Linda Z continues her Reggae  workshop, with part 2.  We’ll concentrate on Iz’ version of SomeWhere Over The Rainbow, in the reggae style he lent the song.  We’ll use a video from Ralph Shaw as part of the lesson.

If you have friends interested in learning Ukulele, have them sign up with me for the Nov 7th class.  The next class after that will be Nov’ 2020; encourage them to sign up now, who knows what 2020 will bring!

Stu Fuchs is back at ASAC Sunday, Sept 29 for a UKULELE BANDSTAND workshop, 2:00-3:15, and  concert, 3:30-4:30.  Tickets are available at Brown Paper Tickets (https://ukezenseattle.bpt.me), and at  the Senior Center Front Desk, NOW!!!. Stu will also have an all-day event in Seattle Saturday, Sept 28, hosted by STRUM.  Click HERE for info on either event.


From our BUG Friends in Bellingham: check these events and classes out:
September 8, Fingerpicking Blues on Ukulele – A workshop with Adam Franklin AND, Del Rey and Adam Franklin in Concert
Sept 28 & 29:  Stu Fuchs workshops & concerts in Seattle & Anacortes

Sept classes:  Ukulele in the Classroom, Book 3;  private lessons with Gail MacDonald 

Click below for details about all of the above:

Hey! Jake Shimabukuro will be performing in Bellingham Oct 12!  Tickets going fast, delay no longer! For info, click here.

And, hang with James Hill And Gail MacDonald on the beach in Mexico? Jan 27 thru Feb 1? Sound good? Click here.

Clogging Lessons?? You Bet!  $3 a lesson!! Click HERE for info!

Kevin Carroll’s new Uke Orchestration book will be sent to me Sept 20-ish, for those who took advantage of specially-priced orders. Some still need to pay me; then i can send Kevin a check for these orders.  Others who want the book, contact  Kevin:   https://kevincarroll.net/the-art-of-the-ensemble


Used Uke or gear needed?  For Sale? I’ll post it.  LInda   zuke.uke@gmail.com. BUG’s website posts used ukes & equipment at: http://www.bellinghamukuleleorchestra.com/re-ukables.html