Hi, Uke players!  I’ll be sending out a “jam-at-home-list” (AKA Songs for the Sequestered) every once in awhile. For the March 30 list, please click HERE : the usual easier Green songs first, medium Blue next, and challengers Red last .

Here’s a running list of ukulele events online that you can join, like Apr 2nd’s Will Groves-Smith event on facebook (if you missed it, here’s the replay (sorry, i couldn’t get it “clickable”, so copy and paste, the old-fashioned way. . .)       https://www.facebook.com/UkuleleOrchestraofGB/videos/534852067216373/.
 I get this info from our uke bunch: know of something? Send the info to me to post.

Louise sent:  (and Linda wondered, if it is 6:15 Wisconsin time. . .)
Lil Rev free online thru Facebook:
Grab your uke and join Lil’ Rev at 6:15 p.m. every Monday and Thursday throughout April for live lessons via Facebook live at facebook.com/meadpl.

Thursday, April 2 – Roll Strokes Part #1

Monday, April 6 – Roll Strokes Part #2
Learn 2 more roll strokes, mechanics and integration. Open to all levels

Thursday, April 9 – The Muted Ukulele
Learn to chunk, mute and create percussive effects to improve your strumming. Includes: train sounds, march sound, chunks, palm muting and more. Open to all levels.

Monday, April 13 – Learn The Jug Band Classic, Boodle Am Shake
Boodle Am Shake is a really interesting jazz & jug band classic worth learning. An inverted C7 chord up the neck, The Tin Pan Alley Turn, chord slides and a basic melody are part of learning this fine tune. Open to anyone who knows some basic chords already.

Thursday, April 16 – The Ukulele Slide
Learning to slur or slide your chords is a hallmark of good ukulele strumming. Lil Rev will show how it’s done. Should know basic chords already as a prerequisite.

Monday, April 20 – Mastering The Inside Outside Finger Picking Pattern
Learn a Lil Rev favorite picking pattern. We’ll spend a whole hour learning how to integrate the inside / outside pattern.Open to all levels.

Thursday, April 23 – Learn The Pendulum Stroke -Grandfathers Clock.
Learn how to do the coolest ukulele stroke, the pendulum stroke, with the song Grandfathers Clock, and you’ll have a show-stopper in your repertoire, guaranteed to bring down the house, as a closing number in any concert.

Monday, April 27 – Two songs, Two Boogie-Woogie Patterns.
We’ll learn to play the boogie-woogie in C & F, using two classic blues tunes. We’ll also learn the rock and blues strum pattern in these 2 keys. Strummers can play rhythm and melody, melody players can play the boogie-woogie or accompaniment. The ability to play melody and read tab, is a big plus for this class.


Reba sent info from Neal Chin
Since so many festivals are postponing or cancelling this year we are going live all day April 11th with Craig and Sarah’s Not-So-Mini Online Ukulele Festival! It’s a free event with performances, lessons, and talk story with some amazing people from the international ‘ukulele community! I’ll be teaching a lesson on extensions and having a short Q&A Stream it Live off of YouTube on April 11th from 10am-4pm

Reba sent more about Neal Chin for all to join: ” Do you know about Neal Chin’s live stream on his Facebook page?  He just started this last Monday at 10 am-plans to make it a weekly thing.  It’s more of a live performance/hang out type thing and I love his playing and song choices.”

Dusty Strings music teachers go online: Ukulele, accordion, bass, mandolin, guitar, pennywhistle, bodhran, etc etc:    Full list of teachers here
Email school@dustystrings.com with your phone number and the name of the teacher you’d like to study with; we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to get you started!