Jam with  FIDALGO UKULELE  NETWORK DEC 5🧤 at 1:10, and every other Thursday, at the Anacortes Senior Activity Center.  For songs, click HERE.
Easier 2,3,& 4 chord songs start at 1:10; followed by increasingly challenging stuff.

Sign ups for Fall 2020 Port Townsend Ukulele Festival began Tuesday, Nov 5.  This sells out soooo faaaast that you just won’t beeeeleeeeve it. Info: see menu under “Events”

These ukes are for sale: Kala Concert with gig bag & strap, $50 (Sara Holland); Kala Travel Soprano with gig bag $80 (Linda Z); Wishbone Concert, $85 (Judy Wysel). Contact Linda for their emails, or contact at jam.   LInda   zuke.uke@gmail.com.   BUG’s website also posts used ukes & equipment :http://www.bellinghamukuleleorchestra.com/re-ukables.html