Jam with  FIDALGO UKULELE  NETWORK DEC 19❄️ at 1:10and every other Thursday, at the Anacortes Senior Activity Center.  For songs, click HERE.
Easier 2,3,& 4 chord songs start at 1:10; followed by increasingly challenging stuff.

 THE CANOTE BROTHERS will be at the Senior Center SATURDAY FEB 1ST, 1:30PM WORKSHOP; 3PM CONCERT!  The “Clonetones” have been busy since they visited Anacortes in Nov of ’14.  They had a sell-out audience then, and I expect they will again!  Their workshop is entitled OLD TIMEY SONGS; MUSIC FROM THE EARLY DAYS OF RECORDING.  Jere & Greg, genetically-matched since 1951, will pull some old timey songs from their vast repertoire and teach the special strums & techniques for each song.  If you’ve been in their presence before, then you don’t need reminding that you want to be in it again! The first time i saw this dynamic duo, was in the early 80’s at Murphy’s Pub in Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle, where NPR’s Sandy Bradley’s Potluck was recorded.  PNW Folklore Society Coffee House Concert says: “Double up with laughter when these identical twin musicians take the stage. With fiddle, banjo, ukuleles and genetically matched voices, Greg and Jere Canote bring back fun, vintage American music – including forgotten fiddle tunes, swing classics and quirky novelty songs.  Tickets will be on sale around/about Jan 1st-ish.

Stuart Fuchs was kind enough to place a video of himself playing my Collings Concert, when he stayed at my home in September.  It includes shots of me, Woody poodle and Arly poodle pup.  I am forever grateful!

These ukes are for sale: Kala Travel Soprano with gig bag $80 (Linda Z); Wishbone Concert, $85 (Judy Wysel). Contact Linda for emails, or contact at jam.   LInda   zuke.uke@gmail.com.   BUG’s website also posts used ukes & equipment :http://www.bellinghamukuleleorchestra.com/re-ukables.html