FUN Small Group Events

A small group from FUN has been invited by FUN member Karen Parnell, to perform at the Skagit Symphony Orchestra’s Annual Gardens of Note Tour, June 25, at 1pm at Terra Bella Garden in Conway. FUN members in the group are: Linda Zielinski, Sara Holland, Hilda Sorensen, Judy Cookson, Reuben Debebar, Dan Holden.

FUNs Schoolhouse Strummers, will be performing for the Skagit Historical Society’s Annual Picnic, 1 until 4 on July 16, at the newly renovated Skagit City Schoolhouse, a wonderful occasion to picnic, listen to music, and see the only remaining building of the once-prosperous Skagit City Port on the Skagit River.  We’ll start playing shortly after 1. FUN members in this group are Reuben Debebar, Linda Zielinski, Lorrie Steele, Suzette Richards, Priscilla Legg, Vicki Stasch, Val Schroeder, Barb Stockton, Margaret Struck, Cathy Schoenberg, Annette Saling, Marilyn Bowles, Jan Woodall, Herta Krup, Ellen Suffern, and Sharon Hodgdon.