Kevin Carroll Workshops & Concert Mar 26

 Thursday, March 26, Kevin Carroll will visit here from his home in Austin Tx, to give 2 workshops and a concert. ( This will supersede the usual ukulele jam).   Kevin “reads the room” to assess student level, and gets you on uke pathways you will be thrilled to be on.  His “art of the ensemble” workshop a couple years back,  became a roadway for many of us to try differentiating parts and get into orchestrating our music, which i now am able to experiment with at FUN Jam. Yay! Tickets are at the front desk of the senior center: $30 per workshop, or both for $40; includes the concert.  If you go just to the concert, that’s $10. Concert tickets will also be available at the door  ).  In order to get workshop materials, when you buy your workshop ticket, please sign your email on the workshop list so i can get them to you.  Do not sign the list if you are going only to the concert.


.Workshop descriptions:
1:15:  Pentatonic Playground: Beginner to Intermediate Learning these 5 note “gateway” scales can unlock the secrets of improvising in various genres and contexts.  Rock, blues, country, and folk music all make use of the pentatonic scales.  This workshop has been very popular in ukulele clubs and classes in Canada and the US.  Beginner and intermediate players welcome. Not only will we play these 5 notes, but, we will learn several chord progressions to accompany them!

2:30:  The Art of the Ensemble: Maximizing the Sound of your Ukulele Group    
It’s not all about you, or your friend, or the bass player. It is about ALL of you. How the parts of the collective whole come together defines the sound of an ensemble. We will explore the concepts of differentiation, space, listening, dynamics, simplicity, and rhythmic unity as we bring music to life in 3 different approaches. We will play a song the group already knows, learn a song by ear, and work on a differentiated arrangement that I will provide. This workshop has been hailed as a plateau-buster and a paradigm-shifter. We will learn a tune from The Art of the Ensemble for Ukulele and Bass Book 2.  (Note from Linda, some of us will have bought this book from Kevin.  Don’t worry if you haven’t bought that book, the music will be supplied to you for the songs for the workshop.)

Concert:  4pm to 5pm