Pt Townsend Uke Fest Sept Uke Concerts

Two public concerts at the Wheeler Theater in conjunction with the Uke Fest; these are some of the best concerts you could ever attend, and tickets sell out early.  If you are registered for the Uke Festival, attendance at the concerts is free.

Call 1 800 746 1982 or go to CENTRUM.ORG to purchase tickets.

Friday, Sept 29 at 7:30, it’s the UKULELE JACKPOT, with Kevin Carroll, Jason Arimoto, Gerald Ross, Aaron & Nicole Keim, The Canote Bros, and a surprise!

Saturday, Sept 30 at 7:30, it’s the UKULELE GOLDMINE, with Sarah Maisel & Craig Chee, Daniel Ward & Heidi Svedberg, Eve Goldberg, Adam Franklin, and Del Rey, plus a surprise!

Port Townsend Ukulele Festival, running from Sept 27 to Oct 1, may have filled. Check at the website.  But take a look at the offerings, and consider it for next year!
The Port Townsend Ukulele Festival and Workshop is held at Fort Worden State Park, a venue unparalleled in beauty and facility. Expect four nights and three days of intense fun, ukulele instruction, and merry music making with some of the finest ukulele instructors and players working today.

Registration will be limited to 135 people, ensuring small classes and an intimate atmosphere. The workshop offerings will feature a wide variety of styles – jazz, blues, swing, Hawaiian, pop, novelty, and jugband ukulele, at the least. Specific classes will include chords, melody, improvisation, playing up the neck, performing tips, and “one-off” workshops during the Serendipity Hour. Final detailed class descriptions will be posted on the class description page. The evenings feature plenty of faculty-led jams, a highlight for many.

What to expect:

3:30 – 5:30pm – registration, settle in, dinner at 6pm, welcome & orientation at 8:00pm; entertainment and jamming after.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday:
In the day: breakfast; 2 morning workshop sessions; lunch; 2 afternoon workshop sessions; open mike; dinner.
Evenings: entertainment, open jams, house parties, public performances (your workshop registration entitles you to prime seats at these shows).

Final Sunday
Breakfast, check out of rooms by 11:00 AM.

Are the Uke Fest workshops appropriate for my skill level?
The Port Townsend Ukulele Festival is a camp appropriate for advanced-beginner, intermediate, and advanced players. The word “beginner” covers a lot of ground. Most offerings at the workshop are geared towards people who know more than a few chords, and are capable of changing chords smoothly and in rhythm. You’ll get the most out of your experience if you can do the following exercise in three different keys. Use a metronome!

At 60 beats per minute, play each chord four times (four beats per chord). Play the chords without diagrams, that is, by heart.

C – Am – F – G7 – C

It should take 20 seconds. Try it in these keys as well:

F – Dm – Bb – C7 – F

G – Em – C – D7 – G

If you can do this, then this workshop is for you! If you need to look up any of these chords, then you know what you have to work on (and master) before the festival starts.