Used Ukes

Tenor Ukulele 


K Yasuma Tenor Vintage Ukulele – This a very high quality Martin copy probably made in the 1950’s.  Solid mahagany, in excellent condition, light as a feather and lovely to play. A realy bargain at $450.00. Contact Gail to see it: 360 733-6867,

According to Lardy’s Ukulele Database (, “K Yasuma & Co. were a Japanese manufacturer founded in 1950 who made very good copies of Martin Instruments. So good in fact that Martin won a court case for copyright infringement against them and had a lot of the Yasuda instruments destroyed. Though they mainly made Guitars they did make other instruments including Ukuleles and Ukulele Tiples, (similar again to Martins), as well. The company lasted at least into the 1970’s but is no longer in business.”​

​Concert Ukulele

Griffin ukulele 
Concert size
cocobolo back and sides
Local redwood top
#99 named Journey
This ukulele can be played at Allegro Strings
1210 Cornwall Avenue
Beautiful bell like tone!
Won’t last long!