Newk Lesson #10, Jan 17 ’19

Practice at home: A, Am, A7, C, C7, D, Dm, D6, Hawaiian D7 ,regular barred D7,  and the up-the-neck-on-fret 4- version of E7 that has the same shape as D7; regular E7, Em,  F, G, G7.   and we’ll practice  an abridged series of chords using the 12-bar blues pattern, 4 “chunks” per chord:

A7  D7   A7   A7                G7  C7  G7  G7
D7  D7  A7   A7                 C7  C7  G7   G7
E7   D7  A7  A7                  D7 C7  G7    G7

Let’s work Em and B7, the twins: four strums each, using ChattaNOOga, a few times.

OK, finally, on to Chains and more chunking; remember this is a song you can use that up-the-neck on fret 4 E7 if you’d like.

And NOW! the F7!  Using Hound Dog! (We’ll use the slap method for this chord)

Download Come Back Liza, we’ll learn how to sing this Harry Belafonte song using a quick down-up strum orr a Chattanooga. After we get the hang of the song, we will use it to intro the Calypso strum.

There’s never enough time but let’s get familiar with the rhythm of the House Of New Orleans; don’t need the music chart yet:  Chords are repetitive: 6 beats each:
Am C, D F
Am C E7 E7
Am C D  F
Am E7 Am E7