Newk Lesson #1, April 28

Chords introduced, conclusion of Lesson 1: C, F. Strum introduced: Single strum

Howdy! In this first class, we’ll go over the materials you have downloaded, especially “Uke Parts” and “Ukulele Basics”.

Then, we’ll see what types of ukes we have: sopranos, concerts, tenors; we’ll learn correct placement for strumming: fingers, wrists, thumbs. We’ll talk about fingernails, calluses, stretching. We’ll look at music stands, straps, tuners, strings. We’ll tune our ukes!!

I use  the “Slap” method to learn new chords– It works! Be gentle!!  We’ll learn “C” & “F”.

By lesson’s end at 3:45, you will be playing Buffalo Gals and Yellow Rose of Texas.  You will find them in the Music Archives atop this page: Click on “Music Archives” and you will find many song charts arranged alphabetically. Scroll down to Buffalo Gals or Yellow Rose of Texas and click on it. You will be directed to the song chart for it, and (possibly) an audio file. Please print the song chart and have it with you in class.

I am looking forward to seeing each of you; some are returning, some are new, all are welcome and all of us are going to have a very enjoyable 20 weeks !                 Linda