Newk Lesson #1, May 4, 2017

(Keep these lesson plans in your binder, and bring them each week.  Sometimes part of the lesson will require material in the lesson plan.  They’re useful for review and practice of what has been taught, and for keeping notes on the back.)

Introduced today: Chords C & F; single strum  

Howdy! In this first class, we’ll go over some of the materials you have downloaded, especially “Uke Parts” & “Ukulele Basics”.

We’ll see what types of ukes you have: sopranos, concerts, tenors. We’ll learn correct placement for strumming: fingers, wrists, thumbs. We’ll talk about fingernails, calluses, stretching. We’ll look at music stands, straps, tuners, strings. We’ll tune our ukes, but many of you may be able to tune it before you come to class. However, traveling in a car, changes in temp, new strings, there’s a million reasons why your uke might need tuning again, as it adjusts to the temp in the classroom. 

Then, we’ll learn the chords of F and  C, & the single strum.  By lesson’s end today, you’ll be playing Buffalo Gals and Deep In the Heart of on each of these songs to get the music charts to copy.  You’ll need the music in class this first lesson.  ( I use the “slap method” to learn new chords.  This method will help you develop your “muscle memory” of chord shapes.)

I have 31 students signed up for this class.   I believe the learning energy level increases in a large group like this, especially at the beginners level!  Remember that some of us are hard of hearing, and all of us will profit from courteous attention to instructions, and to other’s questions or observations. I learn a lot from the questions and observations students make, so i imagine you will too!   I’ll corral ya with a loud “whoop!” if it will help!  Looking forward to meeting you all: I hope to make this  a very enjoyable 20 weeks of ukulele!!!   Linda