Newk Lesson #1 Nov 8 2018

You folks are my 11th Newkulele class since Jan ’13!  Welcome!  As we are an older bunch with hearing challenges in some cases, courtesy & attention to the speaker, whether it’s me or a fellow student, is important.  We will all learn a lot from the questions & observations each of us has to offer.  We’re about to have a very enjoyable 18 weeks of “recreational ukulele”!!!

Keep each lesson in your binder; it may contain material you’ll use in class. Each lesson page will help you recall what to review and practice. Use the backside to take notes.

This first class I’ll take role, ask where each of you lives so you can consider carpooling and/or a “study buddy” between classes at someone’s home.  I’ll ask how you learned about the class.

Please click to download these songs:   Deep In The Heart of Texas,   Jambalaya,    Heart & Soul.

Lesson one will include how to hold the uke, fingering of chords A, Am, C, D, D6, F, G; how to read fretboard chord shapes, down-strum technique, up-strum technique, changing chords efficiently while staying in rhythm.

We’ll study Uke Parts & Uke Basics pages from our binders, explore position of wrists, fingers, arms, uke; fingernails & calluses, stretching. We’ll tune our ukes with those clip-on tuners: as temps get colder, humidity changes from wet to dry and back again, heat in your car versus
temp in the classroom: all can make ukes go out of tune.  Some  uke strings can be in tune until a chord is formed, then not be in tune as finger pressure changes the string tension.  You’ll learn what your uke can offer you, what may need fixing.

This is a full slate, we’ll get to it all, if not today, in the first 2 or 3 classes. It’s a good foundation for the whole 18 weeks.