Newk Lesson #10, Jan 25, 2018

Chords intro’d, not in alphabetical order:  Dm  F  A  Am  A7  G  D  D7  C  G7  B7  Em  C7
Strum intro’d: single, double, Chattanooga, Calypso, inside-outside, chunk
(“Intro’d” means we  are actively working on getting proficient at each of them)
Warmup with 8 each of the strum patterns except single.

We’ll continue with Dm, in the song Mary Mack, a good pub song!  Then, an exercise to coordinate and strengthen moving from Em to B7:  C6 is easy peasy, but i’ll also show you the way i just learned to play it, some of you will get it sooner than others, but all will eventually!

Em  B7  Em   B7
Am  Em  C6  B7

Repeat over and over, preferably using the Chattanooga strum, 8 strums/chord.  What else can we do with this, besides the Chattanooga?  We can use the calypso, too.  Everything I teach you can be embellished, simplified, or just played around with seeing what else you find you can do on your own.

On to Gm7, slap method, then using Santana’s  Evil Ways to drive this chord home.  The rhythm to this song is complicated, but we’ll “folk-song” it up so we can learn the chord without worrying about rhythm.

Learn this one well, Gm7.  Practice this at home until you can get it easily.  It is the precursor to Bb, which is used lots  in songs, and if you can get comfy with Gm7, you will more easily make peace with Bb.  Huh? ‘Nuf said!

If time, we’ll go on out with the inside-outside plucking pattern and Polly Wolly Doodle.