Newk Lesson #10, July 7, 2016

We’ll have a jam/ review of songs, strum patterns, and chords.  Here’s what material we will try to cover:

Everything we’ve covered since class started April 23, 2016:
1. Buffalo Gals (C,F)
2. Yellow Rose of Texas (C,F)
3. REMit: Feelin’ Groovy (C,F,G)
4. Shady Grove (C,F,G)
5. Red River Valley (C,F,G7)
6. Bad Moon Rising (C,F,G)
7. Ninety-Six Tears (C7,G,Em)
8.Cumberland Gap (C,D,G)
9. Never Be Anyone Else But You(Am,C,D7,F,G,G7)
10. REMit: Buttons & Bows(Am,C,C7,F,D7,G7)
11. Homegrown Tomatoes(C,F,Bb)
12. I Like It Like That(Bb,F)
13. I Still Miss Someone(Bb,C,F)
14. Don’t Worry, Be Happy (C,Dm,F)
15. REMit: Mac The Knife(Am,C6,Dm,G7)
16. Bottle of Wine (C,D,D7,G)
17. Cold, Cold Heart (C,D,D7,G)
18. Come Back Liza (D,A)
19. Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around (A7, Dm)
20. Donna, Donna(Em, B7, Am, G, D)
21. Sea of Love(G, B7, C, A7, D)
22.Piney Wood Hills(G, Em, C, A7, D, F, Gdim)

Strum patterns: single, double, Chat, touch down, calypso. Plucking: inside outside
Chords: A, A7, Am,Bb (and B) B7, C, C7, D, D7, Dm, Em, F, G, G7

Still to be covered before end of Lesson 20 Sept 15:
Chords : Bm, Cm, E7, F7, Fm, F#m, Gm, Gm7, and the diminished chords. Strums to be learned: Reggae, Chunking. We’ll devote part of each lesson, starting with lesson #14, to tablature.