Newk Lesson #11, Jan 24 ’19

Practice these groups of chords, 8 strums each (down/ups or Chattanooga), until you are steady on rhythm changing from one chord to the next with no gaps.  Switch to 4 strums each.
A  D7  E7  A                G  C7  D7  G
C  F  F7  C                   D  G  A7 D

Here’s an exercise entitled: Name that tune!  Each chord gets 8 down/up strums.  Let me know if you figure it out. . .

Em  B7 D  A C G Am B7  repeat
C G B7 Em C G Am B7
Em B7 D A C G Am B7  repeat
C G B7 Em C G Am B7  and back to the top.

D        D  up      up   D  up
OK, back to the ” 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and”
Yes yes yes the calypso strum!!!      
  Make sure and have Come Back Liza and Stand By Me.
Also, let’s go back over Hound Dog and do some chunking and some F7.

New chord intro today: Gm7, so download Evil Ways to help learn it, after the slap method.  Evil Ways has a challenging rhythm, but we won’t worry at all about that.  It’ll come later, but it has so many Gm7s in it that I couldn’t resist!  This is a preamble to learning Bb, which will come next. . .