Newk Lesson #11 Jan 7, 2016

Concluding #11, we’ll have reviewed all introduced chords: Am, Bb, B7, C, C7, D, D7 (Hawaiian & Barred), Dm, Em, E7,F, F7, G, G7, Gm..  We’ll have reviewed the basic chords in keys of F,C, and G. We’ll have reviewed these strums: single, double, Chattanooga (aka “freight train”), touch-down.

So, yes, this first week of 2016, we’ll review some of the basics that have been introduced since you started in October, as described in the previous paragraph. Make sure you have these songs downloaded to use for strum review (except It Ain’t Gonna Rain No More, which is on page 6 in the Uke Handbook to review the single strum) :

Double strum: I Like It Like That
Chattanooga/Freight Train: Bad Moon Rising
Touch-down: Down On The Corner

We’ll go back to page 8 in the Uke Handbook for the 12 bar blues, except we will use all 7’s instead of major chords.  And, time to introduce what are called 2nd position chords, to play 12-bar blues with closed chords:  bring a pencil and paper!  (If i get around to it, i’ll create a chart for this, we’ll see!)    HAPPY NEWK YEAR!!!