Newk Lesson #12, Feb 8, 2018

Chords intro’d:            Dm  F          A  Am         A7  G         D  D7          C  G7
Gm7  Bb                B7  Em                                  C7   C6/ Am7
Strums/picking patterns: Inside/Outside, Chunk, Calypso, Chattanooga, double, single

Warm up using  double strum or Chattanooga  with each pair of chords in this manner:
(example)                     4 Dm   4F,  4Dm   4F   (then move to A Am and repeat)

From the Bb videos, i hope you picked up on thumb placement, curling the fingers on the 3rd and 4th strings so they didn’t cause a “buzz” or “thunk” on the 1st and second strings.  I also hope you keep trying, and have decided that frustration won’t get you far with this chord, but that persistence and time will pay off, with regular practice and strengthening your barring fingers.  Think:  2 or 3 months from now, not, 2 or 3 days from now!!

Revisit last week’s Bb exercise:

An exercise for Bb:   4 strums each:
Bb   Gm7   Bb   Gm7   Bb   Gm7   Bb   Gm7
Bb    F        Bb    F         Bb     F        Bb    F
Am    Bb    Am    Bb     Am    Bb     Am   Bb

A couple songs with Bb, which you  printed for last weeK: Deep In The Heart of Texas
I Still Miss Someone.

If time, we’ll do a fast intro to E7, but more importantly, we’ll make time for The Lion Sleeps Tonight, with thanks to Warren and Ruth:   Lion-Sleeps-Tonight-2-4-18. We can use Chattanooga strum, which is the strum pattern suggested on the pdf, or double, or calypso.

Keep Little Brown Jug  handy for inside/outside, we’ll get that song in there one of these weeks!