Newk Lesson #12, Jan. 14, 2016

At the end of #12, you’ll have been introduced to A, Am, A7, Bb, Bm, B7, C (both 1st  & 2nd position (same shape as Bb but on the 3rd fret), C7, D, D7 (Hawaiian & barred) Dm, Em, E7, F, F7,(1st & 2nd position) G, G7 ,( 1st & 2nd position) ,and Gm. With the inclusion of Bm today, you now have all the basic chords in the key of D (D, G, A, Bm) and the keys of F, C, & G. You’ve learn single & double strum, Chattanooga (aka Freight Train), touch-down,.

Last week we chunked our way through the 12 Bar Blues in the key of C7, being introduced to closed chords of C7, F7 and G7( that’s the one that is the same shape as F7 only starts on the 3rd fret. Review the “Twelve-Bar Exercise for Newkulele in the Key of C7.  It’s difficult, perhaps, but what is more fun than chunking closed chords  for blues?? Nothin’!

This week, we’ll learn Bm with the slap method, and then try it with a new song, Whiskey In the Jar, and also Octopus’ Garden.  We’ll also try Bm with Crocodile Rock, and try 2nd position C and also 2nd position D with Croc Rock.

If time, we’ll take a look at a picking pattern, “inside-outside”, using our thumb, index, and ring fingers, in a chord exercise of easy chords.