Newk Lesson #12, Jan 31 ’19

Homework: Practice the harder chords, 4 times each and repeat all three times:  B7, D7, E7, Em, F7, Gm7. Use what ever strum pattern you like. Go over a couple of the earlier songs we learned. You’ll find you are much more comfortable with them now!

Practice Come Back Liza and the Calypso strum with Harry Belafonte!  Open the song on youtube; if you find it too fast to keep up with, click on that little gear-shaped emblem on the bottom right, and change the speed from normal to .75    Down, Down-up Up-down-Up!

We’ll start class with Come Back Liza.  Then back to Hound Dog and Chunking using the thenar eminence to add to the rhythm!

Then back to Evil Ways, and the Gm7.  We’ll start off with slap method for this chord.

I mentioned last week that Bb and Gm7 are very similar in shape.  The ring finger adds to the fun for Bb, stretching over to the G string on the third fret.  Compare them on your Uke Chart for Absolute Beginners with the hand at top. They’re at the beginning of the third and the fourth row.   I’ll show you two ways to form Bb, some might prefer one over the other.  To practice this chord, after the mean old slap method, we’ll use The Lion Sleeps Tonight.