Newk Lesson #12, July 20, 2017

Learned so far:  A, A7, Am, (Am7), (B), Bb, C, C7, (Cm), (Cm6), D, D7 barred and open, Dm, E7,Em, F, G, G7, Gm.   Strums: single, double, chattanooga, calypso, waltz intro, chunking intro, inside/outside plucking.

Today, let’s review the chords, the strum patterns, and inside outside.

We’ll go back to the chunk and use the 12-bar blues pattern with these chords, strumming each 4 times:

C7  F7  C7  C7            F7  F7  C7  C7          G7  F7  C7  G7    (why is it called 12 bar?)

I will show you an up-the-neck C7 that will add a little spice to the chunk.

Good ol’ B minor, and how it relates to A minor and C minor.  We’ll use the slap method for B minor, then use it in  the Beatles’ I Feel Fine.

Then, for something completely different, please download Nancy Sinatra’s These Boots Are Made For Walkin’!  We’ll learn the famous riff, easy to play once you get used to it!