Newk Lesson #12, July 28, 2016

At lesson’s end, you’ll have A, A7, Am, Bb, B (think: if Bb is played like so, what do I do to unflatten it??), B7, C, C7, D, D7, Dm , E7, Em, F, F7, G, Gm, G7, G dim. See what you can play without looking for the chord diagram!

Last week we learned E7, and some simple tablature for Sway; we tried out the simple D, D-U, U-D-U calypso beat with that song.

This week, we’ll warm up with She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain, to refresh that E7.
We’ll learn F7, a closed chord version.  We’ll look at how its shape relates to F and to E7.  Our first song with F7 will be Freight Train, which has E7 and F7 in it. We’ll squeeze in Blue Moon of Kentucky, if time permits, before going to a second new chord for today: Gm, which is based on the same shape as F, sort of.  The song Marianne will give us practice with both F7 and Gm, oh boy.