Newk Lesson #13, Aug 4, 2016

After #13, you’ll have A, Am, A7, B, Bb, B7, C, Cm, C7, D, D7 (2 kinds), Dm, E7, Em, F, F7, G, Gm, G7, G dim

Last time we reviewed E7, and also learned F7.  I didn’t tell you that there is an easier F7, because this one you learned is way cooler! Maybe I’ll show you the other one. Maybe not.

This week, we’ll learn Gm, using the song Marianne which has some real threatening chord changes in it, but we’ll turn them into individual exercises in chord change, rather than think, oh jeez i will never learn this song!  Every thing hard is conquered bit by bit, then you at some point realize, oh my, i can play that whole song now!!  You are getting into the harder chords, which are usually found in more intricate songs.  I’m looking for some easier ones to teach Gm; if I find ’em I’ll email you with the change.

Let’s close with Git Along Home, Cindy Cindy, trying the Chattanooga or a simpler strum. It has familiar chords, and is so fun to play!