Newk Lesson #13, Feb 15, 2018

We’ll warm up with double strum or Chattanooga strum, using 4 beats/chord.  Example:
4 Dm, 4 F   4 Dm, 4 F.    We’ll use sets of two:
Dm / 4F     A / Am    A7 / G   D/ D7   C / G7   Gm7 /Bb    B7/  Em   C7 / Am7

Let’s go back to Little Brown Jug and play it orchestra fashion: 1/3 Chattanooga or Double Strum, 1/3 inside/outside, and 1/3 single strum on the first beat.  If there’s enough present, we’ll have a couple of willing singers up front, and be the Boston Pops behind their fabulous rendition of LBJ!

Enough of the fun, let’s get back to work and learn E7.  This chord will make it a tad easier to learn F7, which we’ll introduce a little bit today, too, but work on in earnest Lesson #14.  Yup, slap method. Songs we’ll use with this chord, please print:  Istanbul, Not Constantinople and Oh My Darling Clementine

A new song, familiar chords, easy to learn, to close: Wagon Wheel