Newk Lesson #13, Feb 3, 2017

By end of this lesson: chords intro’d: A, Am, A7, Bb, B7, C, C7, D, Dm, D7, Em, E7, F, F7, G, Gm, G7.  Keys intro’d: C (C, F, G, Am) D (D, G, A, Bm) F (F, Bb, C, Dm) G (G, C, D, Em). Strums intro’d: Single, Double, Chattanooga, Calypso.

Last week, we reviewed the E7, saw how it relates in shape to the F7 chord (also compared the shape of the F chord to the F7 Chord. We learned the closed version of the F7 Chord. Don’t know if that bit of spacial mapping was the reason almost all of you were able to slam that baby right into the basket (and not the waste basket, either!!)

Now you have 3 closed chords: Bb, D7, F7.  All of these can be played “up the neck” as differently-named chords.  (Example: Bb’s shape played on the second fret is B, on the third fret is C.   D7’s shape played on the third fret is D#7, on the 4th fret is E7, on the 5th fret is F7. . . . . so you are starting to see, there is more than one way to play a chord; these positions up the neck have the same notes in them as they do in the easier versions (easier versions are those we have been learning all along, that we use in the music charts) but they sound pretty classy, jazzy, bluesy, higher pitched, and are what professional uke players and well-founded amateurs like to mess around with, or “well-founded amateur wanna-be’s!)

We’ll continue this week with the Calypso strum, D D U U D U (There are actually uke t-shirts that have this strum pattern emblazened on them!)   Please have ready Come Back Liza and Washington, Washington.   Here are some music patterns to practice  calypso, but if that pattern  temporarily escapes you, use a double strum.

C////   F////  G////  C////  C////  F////  G////   C////    repeat a few times. Play fairly slowly at first; only speed up the rhythm after you feel you are in the calypso “groove”.

D////   A////  G////    D////  G////  A////  D////  D////    same instructions as above.

And, another slap method chord to meet:  Gm.  Please download  What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor? to practice Gm.       If time we’ll practice E7 with Istanbul, Not Constantinople.