Newk Lesson #13, Feb 7, ’19: Page 1 of 2

Page 1 is homework. Very important homework, though:  Watch Aaron Keim‘s Bb video:

It’s  such a descriptive and exacting explanation of your best practice for the Bb. Pay heed to his suggestion to slightly twist your bar finger, and curve your middle and ring fingers so they won’t interfere with the A and E strings, making them buzz or “thunk”.
Brett McQueen‘s video is a little less detailed but a good review for you, after Aaron’s video, and is very clearly laid out:

Val from the Friday group recommends to practice the shape for Bb up the neck initially, not  on the first fret, because action on uke strings are more flexible in the middle of the fret board, and get stiffer to play the more you move that shape back toward the nut. Bb, as it is played on the first fret after the nut, is hard to form with all the string tension in that first fret.  Remember In class we observed that Bb shape played on the second fret is B, third fret is C, fourth fret is C# or Db, fifth fret is D? So, experiment with this: learn the shape on the fifth fret; then, when you have a comfort level there and feel you are getting a clear-sounding chord, move down to fourth fret, third fret, second fret, then finally to the first fret, back to Bb.  Use Aaron’s and Brett’s tips. Remember to stretch, rub, and be kind to your hand and fingers learning this chord, while rewatching the videos. The videos will make more sense each time you watch them, after you’ve given effort to apply their info to your practice with the Bb shape.