Newk Lesson #13, Jan 21, 2016

By end of this lesson, you’ve learned these chords: A, Am, A7, Bb, Bm, B7, C (1st & 2nd position) ,C7, D, D7, Dm, Em, E7, F, F#m, F7 (1st & 2nd position-that second position  achieved by using the D7 shape on the fifth fret instead of the second fret), G, G7, Gm, all basic chords in keys of C, D, F and G, and these plucking/strum patterns;  single, double, Chattanooga, touch-down, inside/outside pluck with thumb, index, and middle fingers.   Yay!

Last week, we learned a difficult chord, Bm.  It requires the ring finger to stretch to the 4th fret  from the barred 2nd fret , and land on the G string without much room for error! We also tried the inside/outside plucking pattern with some simple chords.

This week, we’ll learn F#m. Please download Lodi , which uses that chord (let’s try the Chattanooga strum with Lodi). Then, with F#m and Bm, we’ll try Help Me Rhonda, pls download.  It’s one of the FUN Jam songs for today, additionally.

Let’s review all the chords we’ve learned that use 3 frets: Bb, Bm, B7, 2nd position C, the recently introduced  D that uses the pinky, Em, F7, Gm.  Did I miss one or two??

We’ll go over that Inside/Outside plucking pattern, with Walkin’ In My Sleep, splitting  the group  so half can sing and play chords, the other half do the plucking pattern.

Here is a Ukulele Mike video to help you strengthen your barre chord technique .  It will particularly speak to that new Bm shape you learned, and to the “D with pinky finger” shape you have been introduced to.  Very good video.