Newk Lesson #13, July 27, 2017

Chords covered: A, A7, Am, (Am7), (B), Bb, B7,Bm, C,C7, (Cm), (Cm6), D, D7 Barred & Open; Dm, E7, Em, F, F7, G, G7, Gm.
Which 2 are twins? Which 2 are not only twins, but  can be played without the left hand?  Which 4 are closed chords?
Strums: single double chattanooga, calypso, waltz intro, chunking intro, inside/outside plucking.

After we review  the above chords, 4 beats each, we’ll repeat Bm with  slap method, and play I Feel Fine again. Then, we’ll learn that Nancy Sinatra hit, These Boots Are Made for Walking. Both of these songs have “riffs”, short repeated phrases of music that are bugs in your ear for the rest of your life, is how i define “riff”.

A new chord for ya: F#m (F sharp minor).   I found one on my FUN playlist  includes that Bm from I Feel Fine: Help Me Rhonda. It has a few harder chords: E7 and B7, besides the Bm, but the good news is that F#m isn’t hard.  We’ll slap it into your memory and patiently work thru Rhonda.
if time, we’ll do a song that will be new in FUN Jam next week, In The Misty Moonlight, a sweet, quiet, slowly-moving song that was a popular slow-dance song in the 60’s. A 5-chord song, but all easy ones.

Next week, a little introduction to chord melody.