Newk Lesson 14, Feb 14 ’19

Bb  review: best practice: 1)  Practice Bb shape on fifth fret, until finger placement correct. (You know the placement  is correct when each string rings clear when played: no buzz or thunk). 2) Cut your nails if need be; curve middle & ring fingers over instead of flattening them, so they don’t touch the A & E strings. 3) Use bony part of your index finger to bar, by rolling it a little bit back on its outside edge (thumb side). 4) Place each finger close to fret wires. 5) Try full bar instead of partial bar. 6) Massage! Stretch!

More homework: practice Red River Valley with inside/outside plucking. Notice: in the downloaded “manual” (page labeled Ukulele Strums & More), instructions for this pattern (#7) describe using index for string 2 (E), and middle finger for string 1(A). I’d forgotten i had it described that way.  You can do it that way, a little more complicated than the way we practiced in class (index  finger playing both E & A).  Up to you. One good thing about learning it with the middle finger is that you’ll develop more dexterity & strength in your plucking if you add in that finger to the pattern.

Please download Buffalo Gals so we can continue in class with the I/O plucking pattern.

A new chord for us today: Gm.  We’ll practice it with: What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor  and use an easy strum pattern, the “touch-down”.

And a little bit more practice with tablature: have the two pages of House of the Rising Sun Ukestrated. Some of you got the 2nd page, labeled 4 of 4, last lesson from me.