Newk Lesson # 14, Feb 22, 2018

Chords introduced:  warm up with 4 beats each chord pair, then repeat same chord pair. Move on to next pair.  Use double strum or Chattanooga (preferred that you do the Chattanooga).

Dm/4F     A /Am    A7/G    D/D7    C /G7    Gm7/Bb    B7/Em    C7/Am7      E7/C6

Ok, let’s review E7, with  Istanbul not Constantinople, then go over how it relates to F7.  We’ll use slap method to get used to F7, which is such a great sounding chord, kind of  “tough with attitude” , so we can do some blues, old do-wop, and blue grass with it in the next few songs:
Hound Dog,  Great Pretender, and Blue Moon of Kentucky.

Here’s a song that you know the chords well, let’s just do it: Memphis Tennessee!