Newk Lesson #14, Aug 3, 2017

Chords covered:  refer to Lesson #13; we’ll use that lesson to do our chord review this Thursday.

This week, we’ll go back to F#m,  with Slap method, then go for Help Me Rhonda from last week, which you’ll use E7 and B7 for, also.  Big leagues!

Chord Melody: this involves playing chords & melody at the same time.  It can get complicated, but is always beautiful, even at early stages with things like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. We’ll dip our toes (fingers?) into it for a couple of lessons.  This Thursday we’ll learn about playing tabs and perhaps only learn the melodies of some very simple songs.  We might add chords, but will next week for certain. Some of you will love it and want more, others will be content with the introduction stuff and then “meh” to further exploration.         Please download these pages:  Melody & Chord Tab Pg 5    Melody tab & chords p. 6    Melody Tab Page 2    Melody Tab Page 3      Melody Tab pg 1. If you are a person who doesn’t relish singing as much as playing, this might just be for you!