Newk Lesson #15, Aug 10, 2017

Chords covered: A, A7, Am, (Am7), Bb,(B), B7, Bm, C, C7, (Cm), (C6), D, D7 open, D7 barred, Dm, E7, Em, F, F7, F#m, G, G7, Gm.  Name the strums!  Let’s see who remembers a strum name or technique, and then who remembers how to do it!

Last week, we learned F#m, which is the same shape as G7, only moved toward your nose! And we experienced tablature with some simple songs. Tabs are a way to play melody on the uke without learning notes & reading music.  (Refer to the Uke Fingerboard Chart I sent you mid July, to look at those notes, if you like.)  Practice  Page 1 of chord melody: the one starting with Mary had a little lamb, before the Aug 10 class, to get your fingers used to the frets and numbers.

We’ll go thru some of those other chord melody pages downloaded for Aug 3. You’ll learn how sometimes only part of the chord is played, when adding the melody. The melody should always be heard the strongest; the chord is sometimes only suggested.  It’ll make sense when we do it in class.  I’ll bring in some books of chord/melody songs, showing how much a person can travel down this ukulele path.

We’ll learn Fm, another 3-fret stretch like Bm.  Please download Only You & That’s Amore to practice Fm.  I will introduce diminished chords in the next week or two, but Fm is the last of the basic chords!