Newk Lesson #16, Aug 17, 2017

Answer these chord questions: 1) You have 3 sets of “twin” chords now. (Yes, you can look at the Uke Chord Chart for Absolute Beginners, the one with the hand on top!) Which are they?   2) Name at least 3 chords that span 3 frets.  3) Look at the picture of the uke on the first page of your downloads: Uke Parts.  What part on the uke do you replace when you bar a chord?  4)  Name two barred chords.  5) Play all the minor chords, starting with Am.  6) Play all the major chords, starting with A.  6) Play all the seventh chords, beginning with A7.   8)  For #s 5, 6, and 7, try not to look at the paper.  We’ll also do this in class!  9) What the heck, can you play the same series with your eyes closed? Give it a whirl!  Aim for 100%, or a least for a real funny experience!

We’ll continue today with Only You.  If you have time, practice these two chord progressions that appear in that song:   8 strums each, then 4 strums each:  Then, try the whole song.

F,  G7,  C,  E7,  Am

F,  Fm,  C,  E7,  A7

We’ll have some fun with That’s Amore because it sounds best when folks sing loud, sort of off-key and not necessarily in sync, and yell “AMORE“!  In the first line only,  It has Bbm7, a barred chord:  (one just bars the first fret). And, the 1st line needs a tremolo.  We’ll learn how to do that.
Further into the song, there’s  Gm, and Gm7.  You’ve learned the Gm, but not the Gm7.  I’ve talked about the Gm7 back when we learned the Bb, as they have almost the same shape.  Look at the Gm7 shape: see?  You can choose to stay in Gm, if you like, but you just may find yourself incorporating Gm7.  Many of you are learning chords in songs at the jams, that we haven’t covered in Newk.  There’s hundreds, but meh:  learn each chord in the context of a new song you are practicing: when you encounter it again down the road, that same chord will give you vague familiarity, or deja-vu from one of your other lifetimes!   (Did you used to be Arthur Godfrey, maybe Tiny Tim??)