Newk Lesson # 15, March 1, 2018

Chords intro’d: warm up same fashion as last week:  F/F7 Dm/A7 G/D  D7/C Gm7/C7  C/Am
A/B7 G7/C6  Bb/Am7 C/Em

Hound Dog: let’s do it again, get that F7 practice in again, before we go on to: F#m.  It is an easier chord, as a matter of fact, the same shape as G7, but moved toward your nose, on strings G, C, E (or, 4,3,2).  We’ll follow up with F#m using Help Me Rhonda and Lodi.

Let’s close with Come Back Liza and get a little Calypso strum in. Before we start, let’s review the calypso (down, down-up, up-down-up) with this exercise:

C////  C////  F////  F////  G////  G////  C//// C////

G////  G////   F////  F////  G////  G////  C////  C////

D////  D////  A////  A////   G////  G////  D////  D////

G////  G////  A////  A////  G////  G/////  D////  D////

C////  F////  G////  C////  G////  F////  G////  C////   D////  A////  G////  D////   G////   A////  G////  D////