Newk Lesson #15 Aug 18, 2016

You’ve been introduced to, by end of Lesson #15: A, Am, A7, Bb, B, B7 (2 kinds), Bm, C, Cm, C7, D, Dm, D7 (2 kinds), Em, E7, F, F#m, F7 (2 kinds), G, Gm7, Gm, G7, G dim.   Still to go: Fm and the diminished chords.  (remember, you’ve already learned the G dim, and soon you’ll learn that this shape has a few other names.  So, in a way, you are a third of the way there! Sort of!)

Last week, we reviewed Gm7, Gm, F7, and the barred B7.  We learned how to study a new song for the difficult bits, isolate them, then do chord change exercises over and over till the cows come home; THEN go back and do the whole song. We started on tablature!

This week, we’ll get a couple new chords in: F#m and Bm.  Please download I Can See Clearly Now,   Til I Kissed Ya, and   Whiskey in the Jar   for these chords.  I do believe we’ll use the slap method on that Bm.   F#m is exactly the same shape as G7, just moved closer to your nose!

And, we’ll continue with Melody Tablature, please download Melody Tab Page 2  and Melody Tab Page 3.  We just might sneak in some chords this time, with those melodies!