Newk Lesson #15, Feb 21 ’19

You’ve learned the chords for quite a selection of keys, and these keys are almost all we use in the jam music.   See if you can play thechords in these keys, 4 times each.
Key of C:  C, F/F7, G, Am
Key of F:   F, Bb/B7/C, Dm
Key of G:  G, C/C7/D, Em
Key of A:   A, D, E7, haven’t learned F#m.
Key of D:  D,G, A, haven’t learned Bm

Right-hand work:  We’ve gone over chattanooga, double strum, touch-down, calypso, and inside/outside plucking. We have touched base with tablature. Some of you will want to learn more tabs, or chord melody, which uses tabs played along with chords. I don’t do much of that in this class, as i am not very good with it, but I sure like to make sure you know it exists, there’s online lessons, books, and quite a few in our jams that are proficient at it.

Today, let’s learn F minor (Fm) and then apply it to a song we’ll do for St Patrick’s Day Jam soon: My Wild Irish Rose .   Another song for that jam is I Like To Rise/The Country Life. It has easy chords, and we’ll divide up so you get a chance to sing while half plays the chords (chattanooga or inside outside plucking)

We’ll practice a couple more of the parts for House of the Rising Sun.
nd, we’ll close with These Boots Are Made For Walking!  Oh boy!!