Newk Lesson #16, August 25, 2016

Go over these chords and see if you know them all by sight (except new chord Fminor): A, Am, Am7, A7, B, Bb, B7(both forms), Bm, C, Cm, C7, D, Dm, D7 (both forms), Em, E7, F, F#m, F7, G, Gm, Gdim, G7, Gm7.  How many do you know by muscle memory?  Can you find 5 or 6 closed chords in this list?

Last week, we learned F#m, which is the same shape as G7, and Bm, which takes some getting used to, with its 3-fret stretch.  And we worked more on melody tabs, adding in a bit of chording here and there.

This week, we’ll use the slap method for F minor, using When The Red Red Robin Comes BBB Along. Robin also has a G dim in it, which you’ve been introduced to, and an Adim 7.  We’ll hold off on that 2nd chord until next week.  We’ll also go back to B minor, with Whiskey in The Jar, which we didn’t get a chance to learn last time.

And more fun with chord melody:  From your already-downloaded Melody Tab Pg 2; we’ll try the Dm Etude.  Please download Melody & Chord Tab  Pg 4, and Melody & Chord Tab Pg 5.