Newk Lesson #16, Feb 23, 2017

Chords taught: A, Am, A7, B7, Bb, C, C7, D, Dm, D7 barred, D7 Hawaiian, E7, Em, F, F#m, F7,G, Gm, G7, Gdim 7.   Chords briefly intro’d: Am7, B, Bm, Fm, Cm.  Keys: C,D, G, F.  Strums: single, double, chattanooga (aka freight train), calypso.

Last week, we worked on Calypso (down, down up, up down up) and that flicky flam motion on the second down; and on the Gm7 chord, ( which is Bb’s shape, minus the pinky).

This week, we’ll go on with the G dim chord, and play it in Folsom Prison, where we will also learn a cool slide technique alternating between G and Gdim.  We’ll be learning that this is the easier diminished shape, used often but representing  many different chords (has more that one name).  We’ll go on, cautiously, to the other diminished chord shape, and (again cautiously!) to When The Red Red Robin Comes BBBobbin’ Along.  In this song, the “other shape”  is the chord A dim.  But, again, it has many other chord names.  There is also an Fm, which I’ll talk about briefly: we’ll substitute it with an F chord.   By the by, both of these songs can use the double strum or the Chattanooga strum.

Next week: More on diminished chords; an intro to inside/outside plucking, and plucking on top of other folks’ strumming.  Pretty!