Newk Lesson #16, Feb 28 ’19

At home, practice the harder chords, 8 times each at least: B7, Bb, D7, (no, not the Hawaiian version. . .), E7, Em, F7, Fm, Gm, Gm7. And, remind yourself of the F#m shape, just like G7  and same 2 frets, but played on G,C and E strings. Practice the chattanooga and the calypso strums, using materials from past lessons to get ideas for songs.

We’ll start out with “These Boots are Made For Walking” and learn a little something “outside the box”, ! It’s too much fun! Dean got me trying his Batman idea, too, we’ll see where that leads us!!

Ready for the diminished chords?  They’re ready for you.  Memorize this line: “There’s only 2 shapes. One shape is easy as it gets.  The other one will become better over time.”
In that regard, please download Folsom Prison Blues. Also, to give us the “better with time” version of diminished chords, download “When the Red Red Robin Comes Bob Bob Bobbin'”
To get a head’s up on diminished chords, look in your downloaded file from early in these sessions, at the page entitled “Diminished 7th Chord Shapes on Ukulele”.  Also, please take a look at  Diminished Chord video with the late and great Ukulele Mike.  It will have a bit o’ theory, both about major chords and diminished chords.  It has info on how to hold your fingers for the diminished chords.  Worth your while, even though some of it will be overwhelming. Steady on, Newks!  I can’t get it to attach to this lesson, but it will be attached to the cover letter for this week’s lesson. Sorry, Janie!