Newk Lesson # 16: March 8, 2018

Chords intro’d: warm up; same fashion as last week (4 strums each chord in the pair, then repeat)
F#7/G7  Bb/Gm7  F/F7  G/Em    B7/A   Dm/C   A7/D   D7/Db7  C7/Am  Am7/C6

Today, we are going to learn some pre-St Paddy’s Day FUN Jam songs(which is next week, March 15);  you are familiar with their chords.  One exception is Fm, which appears in one of the songs.  I’ll briefly teach that chord, but what I am really hoping for is that you will learn to sing the song with me, without your ukes!  It’s a humorous variation on “🌹My Wild Irish Rose” and you may well know the original!  I’ll explain more at class.

That song, plus others we’ll work with, will be included on the email for you to download; please obtain them directly from your email.  Hopefully, you’ll come to the Mar 15th FUN Jam and join the “Ukulele Ceilidh”!

This will be a very relaxed class, the next 4 will cover diminished chords, Bm, Gm, Cm, and the “other” way to play B7.   We’ll touch lightly on chord melody, too, at some point in those 4 classes coming up.