Newk Lesson # 17, Aug 24, 2017

Where were we?  Let’s finish up last week’s chord review.  We played from memory major, minor, and seventh chords. Can we do them without any aids?  Lets try!  Then with eyes closed. I think you will be surprised how many you can do! Keep a pencil and write them down if you are successful: here:

Major chords:

Minor chords:

Seventh chords:

Ok, let’s do Folsom Prison Blues, and remind yourself that G dim shape is the shape for 1/3rd of the diminished chords.  We’ll go on to School Days, which has not only G dim 7 but also C dim 7, whose shape is another 1/3rd of the diminished chords.  If time, we’ll go on to Along Came Jones, which reviews everything there is to know about diminished chord shapes,