Newk Lesson #17, Mar 2, 2017

No list this week. Can you remember the chord shapes? Start with “A” and do the minors and the 7’s.  Then, try to recall the shapes of the ones i briefly intro’d, but that we didn’t use in songs: Am7 (Hello, Mom chord: hint!); B  (one step higher than Bb, what is it you do?); Cm (same fret as C: which 3 strings do you bar?)   You’ve learned single, double, Chattanooga, Calypso, and today, inside/outside plucking.

Last week, we not only nailed down Gdim in Folsom Prison Blues, we also learned that nifty slide technique between G and Gdim.  We went on to When The RRR Comes BBB Along, and observed how the Adim (representing the 4-finger diminished chord shape), at least in that song, was a G shape combined with a C shape.  We’ll go over that again this week.

This week, we’ll have some fun with Along Came Jones  (notice there are two pages that print separately). This song will give you lots of exercise with both diminished shapes!  Then, we’ll go on to: inside/outside plucking with Buffalo Gals and with Red River Valley.  We’ll combine that new skill with some strumming, some plucking. Pretty!