Newk Lesson #17, March 15, 2018

Chord and strum review:  we’ll review the harder chords separately, but coupling them all with the easy C chord and a double strum  (4 of each, then repeat):
Bb/C   F7/C   Db7/C  Em/C   B7/C  Fm/C

For the rest of this review, let’s refresh ourselves on the inside/outside plucking pattern, using two complete patterns (inside/outside, inside/outside on each chord) then repeat: F#m/G7   Gm7/C7   F/F7   G/A7   A/Am   Dm/C6  E7/D     D7/Am7

Review Fm: with  Only You and  My-Wild-Irish-Rose/Rogue-2-17-18
If you have time, practice these two chord progressions that appear in Only You:   8 strums each, then 4 strums each.

F,  G7,  C,  E7,  Am                                    F,  Fm,  C,  E7,  A7

Gm: we’ll use the slap method, then use it in one of the Celtic melodies:
What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor? , then,  in a more Italian/Dean Martin kind of a song: That’s Amore! 
 That’s Amore sounds fantastic when folks sing loud, sort of off-key and not necessarily in sync, and yell “AMORE“!  In the first line only,  It has Bbm7, a barred chord:  (one just bars the first fret). And, the 1st line needs a tremolo.  We’ll learn how to do that.

If time,Chord Melody: this involves playing chords & melody at the same time.  It can get complicated, but is always beautiful, even at early stages with things like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. We’ll dip our toes (fingers?) into it for a couple of lessons.  We’ll learn about playing tabs & perhaps only learn the melodies of some very simple songs but might add chords too. Some of you will love it & want more, others will be content with the introduction stuff & then “meh” to further exploration.  Of the following, please for sure download  Melody Tab pg 1.   Later we might go on to the other pages:  Melody & Chord Tab Pg 5    Melody tab & chords p. 6    Melody Tab Page 2    Melody Tab Page 3   If you are a person who doesn’t relish singing as much as playing, this might just be for you!