Newk Lesson #17, March 7 ’19

Please watch this video of Along Came Jones, and listen for the sound of the diminished chords being played in the “Then he grabbed her!” part.   It’s the same chord (G#dim) each time, just being played further and further “up the neck” (remember, we talked about how each 3 frets moved up the neck, still is the same diminished chord?)  (re-watch Ukulele Mike’s video for a reminder of that. . .)

We’ll mess around with this song in class, just to get you familiar with the sound of a diminished chord, and to experience forming the shape/s.  Also, we’ll go back to When The RRR Comes BBB
and try the very easy Folsom Prison Blues, which really NEEDS that simple Gdim chord played in it!

I’m going to throw a bunch of pages at you to give an intro to playing melody, using single notes, and some chord melody, where you combine those single notes with chords.  We won’t get to much of it, but some of you will find, “oh gosh, this is what I really want to learn more of, and I won’t have to sing!” So here goes: please download the following (you will end up with 5 pages):Ode-To-Joy 2 Parts Key of F Linda:Edvinsson    Boil them cabbage down p 1  & 2Boil Them Cabbage Down    Aura Lee Tabs Melody tab & chords p. 6