Newk Lesson #17, Sept 1, 2016

Ok! Now you’ve been introduced to zillions of chords!  Today we add the shapes for the diminished chords.

Last week, we reviewed F#m, introduced Fminor, and once again skipped over “Whiskey in the Jar” and its formidable Bm. We touched base with the diminished chord shapes.

This week, we’ll do Whiskey to review Bm first, before it gets away from us again!

On to the diminished chords:  Along Came Jones: please download, and make sure it is the one dated 8/26/16.  Also download Diminished Chord Shapes On Ukulele or find it in the material you downloaded back in April.  And, download the following: we will work on them all before the last class:  Sidewalks of New York, Let Me Call You Sweetheart, Let it Snow,  Frim Fram Sauce.

Chord Melody:  we’ll continue on with the material downloaded for last week’s lesson.  Don’t fret if there is frustration, it is normal for many people with tabs.  (I’m one of them: I can tell that some of you are much more comfy with this material than I am, it just takes time. It gets more enjoyable as time goes on, believe me!)