Newk Lesson #18, Aug 31, 2017

Boy this is late getting out.  BUT, in the meantime, i’ve scheduled two workshops given by top class uke performers and instructors, Stuart Fuchs (Nov 7) and Kevin Carroll (Sept 26). both of these workshops (and Stuart also has a performance following his workshop) are at the upstairs meeting room of the Village Pizza, downtown Anacortes.  Both promise to be geared to all abilities.  Take a look at the CALENDAR for more info.

Meanwhile, back in Newkville, we will review diminished chords:
)There’s really only 2 basic shapes, with all kinds of names.
) They repeat every 3 frets, same notes in the chord, just higher-pitched as you move them up the neck. Why would you even want to play them up the neck instead of in the first three frets?? Because later, if you find yourself playing other chords up the neck, you won’t have to go back to the first frets to squeeze in a diminished chord. Instead, you’ll be able to play it closer to your other up-the-neck chords.
3) Diminished chords allow you to play more sophisticated-sounding music (jazzier, bluesier).

We’ll do When the Red, Red Robin Comes Bob Bob Bobbin and get those diminished shapes down more firmly.

Now. What to do with the rest of class today?? Some harder songs?  How about, Ghostbusters!!  Now THERE’S a song! You’ll have to play fast and furious, and timing for the singing is a little tricky, but, will you ever be proud when you’ve mastered it! We’ll keep in the same theme (hey, the candy is already at the stores. . .) and learn Has Anybody Seen My Ghoul? Now, to give equal time to the “Other” Holiday season, let’s give Pachelbel a try, at least the background chords, not the dum-dum-dum-dum-dee-dee-dee-dee parts.  This should keep us entertained!