Newk Lesson #18, Feb 25, 2016

Review those diminished chord shapes, don’t worry so much about what’s called what.  Diminished chords in the first fret, like Gdim7, use only 2 fingers.  Diminished chords that span 2 frets and use 2 fingers in each fret, still have only the one shape, like Fdim 7, or Gdim7 played “up the neck”. Review all three reggae strums, relax your strum hand and make smaller movements, if you get all in a tither!  Slow it down, relax, get in a groove, keep going, don’t change chords yet; aha! you have a groove going?  NOW, change chords!

Last week we worked hard on the reggae strums, and on moving up the neck with the diminished chords.

This week, please download Don’t Worry, Be Happy and we can try out those reggae strums some more.  Keep handy Folsom Prison Blues, This Land Is Your Land,Take Me Out to The Ballgame, Let Me Call You Sweetheart, When The RRR Comes BBB Along,  to work on the diminished chords. We’ll review Gm7, with Summer In The City, which we didn’t get to last week.