Newk Lesson #18, March 22, 2018

Chord Review: today we’ll see if we can play all the major chords, minor chords, and seventh chords we’ve learned:  (practice before class this week!)

A   (B: do you recall how to turn Bb into B?)   C  D  F  G

A7  B7  C7  D7  E7  F7  G7

Am  Dm  Em  Fm  Gm  (we’ll briefly look at Cm too)

Back to Chord Melody, we’ll use  Melody Tab pg 1.   and  Melody Tab Page 2   which you downloaded last week. I have some books of songs of chord melody, also, to show you.

A peek at diminished chords, with Folsom Prison  & When The Red Red Robin Comes BBB Along.   Make certain you have with you the page you downloaded back in November, on .Diminished-7th Chord-Shapes

If time, let’s do Only You  again, that was super last week! (Thanks Ruth L and Carolyn B!)