Newk Lesson #18, March 9, 2017

Homework:  Play all the chords you know, for practice, starting with A, and including everything you remember, including the shapes for the diminished chords!   Pick a chord, any chord, and play all the strums: single, double, Chattanooga, and calypso;  and the inside/outside plucking pattern.

Last week, we worked hard on getting down the 2 shapes of the diminished chords (DIMINISHED, NOT DEMENTED!!) and learned how they repeat themselves “up the neck” every 3 frets.  This will come in handy for some of you when you start playing other chords up the neck and don’t want to go back to the first fret or two to squeeze in a diminished chord. You’ll be able to play it closer to the other chords you might be doing up the neck.

This week, we’ll do more inside/outside plucking and go back to Buffalo Gals and Red River Valley.  Again, we’ll divide you up and do both strumming and plucking together.

Then an intro to chord melody.  We’ll start with melody. Please download Melody tab p.1, Melody Tab, p.2. Melody Tab p.3,  Melody Tab p4, Melody Tab p.5, Melody Tab p.6.   We’ll get thru some of this, hopefully all of this in the 3 lessons remaining.

And, please download You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere to practice both inside/outside plucking, the Chattanooga, and single or double strum.  It’s a great song for the uke jams!