Newk Lesson #18, Mar 14 ’19

Well, here you are, grads! You have to admit, you know more now than you did last November!  I hope your curiosity for more ukulele exposure has been whetted, and that you keep going, by yourself, in jams, small groups with friends, festivals, internet lessons, etc.  Gail MacDonald in B’ham is a great teacher for folks who want more music theory exposure, sophisticated goals are often met thru Gail!  You’ll see her in action with her Bellingham Ukulele Orchestra concert coming to our Senior Center in early June. If you imagine yourself sitting in one of those chairs in a few years, she’s your gal!!  Myself, Charley, & Val will hold uke technique  studies through “Ukadore” sessions, nine of them beginning May 9th (following all FUN JAMS). Those classes will vary in difficulty, but give ’em a try!

Class today, lets go back to Oh My Darling Clementine, the version with the chords AND melody tabs included.  Oh My Darling Clem tabs: mel & chords (you printed this last week with a different name: Melody Tab & chord p 6. I changed the name.) We will also get in Ode-To-Joy 2 Parts Key of F Linda:Edvinsson which you downloaded last week, also.

In time remaining, we’ll review strum patterns, using On Top of Old Smokey for touch-down, Buffalo Gals for inside-outside, Stand By Me for calypso, and Red Is The Rose to review Chattanooga.

Well, it’s been a pleasure for me  gather with you these past months; do keep coming to the uke events & jams; please email me with any uke concerns.  All of you are welcomed to repeat this class, or sections of it; send an email my way and I’ll make a list of, um repeat offenders! (Kidding!)