Newk Lesson # 18, Sept 8, 2016

Today we’ll carry on where we left off last week: we’ll do some of those songs that contain a diminished chord or two:  Let It Snow with C dim, (and Em7, not a chord I introduced, but notice it is just the Hawaiian D7 moved sideways to the 1st and 3rd strings). and maybe When the Red Red Robin Comes Bbb Along.

O My Darling Clem: Melody & Chords is much kinder to do than Waltzing Matilda, and we’ll give it a go. This version is in two parts: the top of the page is the melody only; the bottom is the melody combined with the chords. Please download.  We’ll work on Waltzing Matilda a bit, too.

Please download: Three Little Birds, Reggae Exercise, and if time, we’ll explore this reggae rhythm.