Newk Lesson #19, Mar 29, 2018

Review of chords:

Major chords:  A   Bb (B: do you recall how to turn Bb into B?)   C  D  F  G

Sevenths:          A7  B7  C7  D7  E7  F7  G7

Minors:              Am Cm Dm  Em  Fm  Gm  (we’ll briefly look at Cm too)

Diminished:       Gdim

Reminder to folks who borrowed the chord melody books, to return them this week, hope you see the possibilities for learning this form of ukulele!!!

Onward with Diminished chords this week: let’s warmup with Folsom Prison and the Gdim chord, sliding from Gdim to G.  We’ll then go over the basic shape, using slap method, then try a challenging song, When  The Red Red Robin Comes Bob Bob Bobbin’ Along. Both of these you downloaded last week.  Robin has an Adim, but remember that there’s other chord names for this shape, depending on what key the song is.  Once you’ve learned that shape, you can play them all! Also, download Along Came Jones (has two pages), and watch the cartoon, fer sure!  This is the song I mentioned last week that is a great diminished chord lesson in itself.