Newk Lesson #19, March 16, 2017

Do your strums and plucks for homework: Chattanooga, inside/outside plucking, single strum, calypso, double strum.  Buffalo Gals is a good song for all those patterns.  Ignore the chords for awhile, see what comes naturally when you resume class (dare to assume you will be playing 2/3 or 3/4 or more, by heart/muscle memory!!)

Last week, we combined inside/outside plucking with strumming, half of the class taking turns. Lovely! Then, Ms. Zielinski screwed up and got you the unedited  pg 1 of Meody Tablature,( the correct pg  was sent to you Saturday).  A rather haphazard intro to chord melody. Nevertheless, we looked at how tabs mirror the G, C, E, and A strings on our fretboard, when we hold our ukes flat and the tab sheet flat, too.  We learned that each number represents the fret where the string should be plucked: Example: on the A string, it says, 4,2,0,2.  That means “pluck the A string on 4th fret, then A string on 2nd fret, then 0pen A string, then A string on 2nd fret”.

I’ll try again this week, to give you some chord melody understanding, including how the chords work in conjunction with playing the melody.  Bring the corrected Melody Tab pg 1, and all the other pages from last week’s lesson.  Be sure and watch the videos i included in the email on Saturday, of Aaron Keim explaining this stuff!  I need his help!!!!