Newk Lesson # 19, March 3rd, 2016

We are winding down!  Keep practicing the chords you have learned, the strum patterns, ESPECIALLY the Chattanooga, and if you can get those diminished chords, then the world is your oyster!  After this class is done, you have self-study, workshops, Uke festivals, amazing instruction on Youtube, Gail MacDonald’s James Hill classes in Bellingham, and opportunities to create or join existing groups associated with the FUN bunch.  Right now, the singers amongst you could look at the DEE-Lites, which perform sporadically but I hope to keep them going as an all-uke, all gal bunch.  Also, community groups who happen to have a FUN  uke player in their midst occasionally look for ukulele entertainment to spice up one of their functions; depending on if I can get enough players together, we respond. Creating one of these small groups for a one-time performance usually requires 4-6 rehearsals.  All is possible!  And the jams, please come to all the Thursday jams. Mine seem to be regarded as more difficult. I really don’t know if that is the case, or just that the songs and me have only been part of the ukulele scene in Anacortes for one year.   The folks in  Richard’s jams have 9 years of practice by the old-timers in many of those songs.  If I’m still around in 9 years, I imagine folks will have the same comfort level with my songs.  But it doesn’t matter.  Right now, I encourage you to come to both. The more uke playing you experience, the more at ease and relaxed you will be! Please come to both!  (my jams always start at 1:15; to make enough time for Newkulele; so far the folks stepping in for Richard start the jams at 1:30, because his jams have always been done that way).

Last week, we worked on the reggae strum with a new song, Don’t Worry, Be Happy; went over Gm7 using Summer in The City, and you worked hard!  Keep trying that reggae strum, it will get easier the more you do it.  Some strums take a really long time to acquire, so don’t give up.

This week, we’ll keep on those songs with the diminished chords.  We’ll get into the Calypso strum for the rest of the session, and keep reviewing the reggae, so please, in addition to keeping the songs you downloaded a couple of weeks ago, (see last week’s list, minus Summer in the City)  which all have diminished chords; please keep 3 Little Birds and Don’t Worry, Be Happy.  Also, make sure to have Come Back Liza and Marianne downloaded to work on Calypso.