Newk Lesson #19, Sept 7, 2017

Today, after a chord review,  we’ll continue with Ghostbusters Theme.  It’s hard to sing (really, it’s talking, not singing), while playing, but it’s a goal for you to work on, as the talking has a rhythm to it, just as if it were sung.  By golly, I think we’ll divide the group in two and see how we do with half doing the words and half doing the chords.

Then, let’s goof around with Pachelbel’s Canon in C (easier than D).  We’ll learn 3 simple parts for our version of this song: Uke 1:  Chords for “Canon in C”
Uke 2:   Arpeggiate the notes in those chords
Uke 3:   Add a 3rd line, sort of like a bass line if played it on ukes       with low G strings.

Please have these songs on hand: What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor (touch-down); Come Back Liza (Calypso), You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere & Freight Train (Chattanooga/Freight Train strum), Kansas City (Chunking), Sea of Love, They Call the Wind Mariah (Chattanooga or touch down), These Boots Are Made For Walking (plucked string rif),

We might do some of these songs this lesson.  Lucky us: for our last lesson on Sept 14, we’ll have both Reuben and his cajon, and Dan and his upright bass, joining us for a true jam, with all the above songs.  Look how far you’ve come since May!